On Top of the World, or at Least Sulphur Mountain

March 14, 2019

Last weekend Dean and I had the huge honour of filming Heather and Riley’s wedding. This brave couple, along with 90 of their closest family and friends converged on Banff from Portland, Oregon and all over the U.S., to experience nuptials at 2500 meters (that would be 8041 feet for our friends south of the border).

Now, I’ve been up Sulphur Mountain many times. I remember in the early 80’s when feeding the animals was made possible by purchasing food from a gum ball dispenser for a wapping 25 cents. Last Saturday I experienced our rockies with a renewed sense of awe.

Barring an icy wind, the Banff Gondola Terrace provided an unparalleled setting. I’m an Alberta girl, and I’m a little partial to our Rockies, but Heather and Riley’s ceremony is one I won’t soon forget.

Can I just take a moment to give a shout out to all the staff at the Banff Gondola and The Sky Bistro? Cozy blankets for your ride to the top, the kind and helpful staff, and the amazing dessert creations, put the Banff Gondola on our preferred vendors list.

We also had a blast working with Kim Payant Photography. Thanks for the laughs Kim. It was a great day.

In the words of Dean, it really all came together. The weather, the speeches, that dress! I can’t wait to get started editing this one and share Heather and Riley’s day with you.




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