Canada To India/Edmonton Alberta Wedding Video

February 21, 2019

These two crossed paths when Sam was touring India and Sandeep ended up chauffeuring her around. They instantly connected and after two years of a long distance relationship and a few adventures together they celebrated not one but two wedding ceremonies.

We had a blast filming this wedding video. When two cultures come together to celebrate, it’s always a good time. Bollywood dancing, curry and chai were a few of the Indian highlights. The dinner, backdrop and excellent ceremony were a few of the elements Canada brought to the table.

We met this couple back in July. Sandeep was returning to India and wanted to propose to Samantha. With some help from Jennilee, his photographer with Selah Reflections, Sandeep arranged a helicopter tour and replaced Sam’s “fake” ring with a real one. I was honoured to be along for the ride and film that chapter of their journey.

Wedding number one happened in India in September, followed by number two in Edmonton, Alberta. Samantha and Sandeep will make their home in India, making this celebration a little bittersweet for their Canadian family. It was a joy to not only be a part of this day, but a part of their story. You can see the first chapter and their engagement here.


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