And Love Makes Three // Red Deer Alberta Wedding Film // Humble Pie Productions

July 29, 2019

“And Love Makes Three” is why we film weddings.

It allows us to document life, artisticly tell a couple’s story and create an heirloom, so generations from now people can look back and see the moment two people connected thier lives. Samantha and Matt hired us early in 2018. Then in the fall they contaced us to let us know they would be adding to their family just a few weeks before their wedding. Baby Rylan entered the scene just six weeks before his parents big day. Family came in from all over the country to help these two celebate on several levels. The ceremony at the Harevest Garden’s in Red Deer, started and ended in the sunshine, but had a quick and fiesty shower go through. We were scrambling to cover equipment while continuing to roll. Samantha and Matt were a wonderful couple to work with. So genuine and caring and already amazing parents. Rylan was one of the most content babies we’ve ever been around and didn’t stray far from Grandma’s arms. It was a day filled with so much laughter, layalty and real people.


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