Life Captured On Film

August 27, 2019

I didn’t want to film weddings. I tried to say no. I turned the first job down three times. I guess I just needed to get on board with the plan. 

If I’d known what I know now, there’s no way I would have let Scott Erickson wear me down and film his brother Tim’s wedding. If I’d known what I didn’t know about cameras, editing, running a business, serving clients well, and the time I would invest in building a film company, there’s no way I would have felt up to the task. Thank God for ignorance. 

But, if I had known the people we would meet, the opportunities that would come our way, the stories we would be honoured to represent and the lives we would capture on film I would have jumped in with both feet and counted my blessings. 

6 years ago this September, we filmed our first wedding. We had no idea what we were doing, thank goodness Tim and Emily love their film. But, we learned. We quickly decided we needed better equipment. We needed skills. We needed to provide an income for our family. 

We didn’t know back then we would love each couple we worked for, that capturing people on one of the happiest days of their lives, would fuel our hearts. We didn’t know we would celebrate so many anniversaries, rejoice with each baby that was born, and the ones who are to come. We had no idea that we would capture people on camera for the last time during their lives, or be able to find footage of a grandparent that is no longer with their family. We certainly didn’t know there would be marriages dissolved before we could deliver their film. 
Most of all we had no idea we would be mourning the loss of an amazing man who touched our hearts. 

The magnitude of what we do hit home this week. We don’t just provide a service as a vendor on a wedding day.

We capture memories and we authentically portray one day that represents two lives intertwining to become one beautiful story. 

This journey hasn’t been easy. Dean and I do everything with all our hearts. We are determined to serve our clients so well that they feel we’re part of the family. 

As we are reflecting on a life lost this week we are rejoicing that we were able to capture the beauty he embodied and the joy that he brought to his friends and family. 


  1. Whitney Ramsden says:

    This was so lovely, you guys. Scott and I were so so happy we had you on our special day. The video you gave us is such a treasure, and it will always be a treasure. Thank you for making such a beautiful memory for such a beautiful soul. Love you both so much! XO Whitney

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