April 15, 2019

When clients book with us it’s often months or even a year before their wedding date. During that time we’re working diligently to boost the worth of their wedding film.

We may be in the low season for weddings, but the first quarter of 2019 has been anything but slow for us. Since the new year we’ve invested in courses, been a part of collaborative workshops, purchased new equipment, attended the worlds biggest wedding photography and video conference in Vegas, and in May, I’ll be headed to Denver to collaborate and learn from some of the best at the 2019 Venture Workshop. We’re also part of several groups for creative entrepreneurs like the Rising Tide, where learning from industry professionals like those at HustleCo. not only increases our knowledge but stimulates creativity.

 Best Mastermind group ever

Best Mastermind group ever

We know wedding films are still a relatively new thing in Alberta. We also know that soon, having your wedding day photographed and filmed, will be the norm.

We want to lead the way as a premier wedding videography company, not only in Calgary, but in Alberta and ultimately, Canada.

We also want to serve our clients in a way that makes others take notice, and want emulate us.

A wise man said “to build a wedding videography business you have to be working continually at one of the three legs that holds your business up; the quality of work, your brand, and your connections”. We’re moving between these three factors constantly in order to deliver the best possible product and client experience.

From the time a client books with us, until they receive their deliverables, we want the process to exceed expectations. That’s one of the reasons were driven to hone our business and deliver a high end experience.

It’s really hard to explain just why we’re so passionate about being the best, pushing through the ceiling and setting a new standard for ourselves. It’s an internal drive to be better on every level, to create a superior product, to earn appreciation from our clients.

We take pride in our ability to serve and deliver the best wedding films we can.


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